Pie Menu (like Path menu ) using jquery and CSS3

Today I am going to show you , one of my plugin (written in jquery) . This plugin is useful for all those  who wants to show there menu item in Pie shape or better to say same as Path menu. I have used jquery and CSS3 in this plugin , so chances for running […]

Repeat Youtube video automatically in Loop

Yesterday I was watching a video song on youtube and I wanted to play that song again n again in a loop. So every time whenever it comes to end ,I played it again because YouTube videos are programmed to play only once by default. Ya of-course there are some way to play it in […]

Sexy Sliding Image Gallery in Pure CSS3

There are thousand of javascript based sliding image gallery code/plugins that you can find on internet.Some of those are very nice.But what if we have same effect with CSS3 no use of javascript.So todays post is about a Sliding image gallery which is build in pure CSS3 so no use of javascript.

Sexy Image effect like Flash in Pure CSS3

Till now We all have seen lots of image effect developed in CSS3 like Sexy Image Hover Effects. But today I am going to show a very different image effect using only CSS3.Previously this kind of effect is only possible in flash or js but now this can be done easily in CSS3. In this […]

Do you think you have a great memory ?

Do you have a great memory ? , Do you love playing cards ? If your answer for these questions are Yes , then this post is for you . You definitely have played lots of playing card’s game in your past. I myself loves playing cards too. Thats why this time I came up […]

Twitter Sign-up Page using HTML5 And CSS3 (no js)

As we all know HTML5 gives us some pretty useful feature . Today I am going to show the feature which gives a new look to Forms module.In Old version of html , Forms were pretty boring and you have to add some js file to validate the Form field.Html5 gives some feature by which […]

Sexy Image Hover Effects using CSS3

First of all thanks to giving me a great response on Ajax Style Loading Animation in CSS3 ( no Images ) . In this post I am going to show to How to create a sexy css effect on image hover.This kinda effect you have seen before in Flash or in javascript as well.But why […]

Ajax Style Loading Animation in CSS3 ( no Images )

After   Social Icons and CSS button , you guys need some Ajax style loading images , don’t you ? As we all know loading images are very essential part of any website , but some time loading images takes time to load itself. But what if the images made up in CSS. So this […]

Awesome Button using CSS3

After my last post Infinite Zooming effect , I tried CSS animation on button. As we all have seen lot of pretty cool button made in CSS3. So I just use CSS3 properties to give a new look to Buttons. Below I have attached the snapshot , to view the original output please visit DEMO.